Why we need you

Andy Payne  - Ukie Chairman

Our Chair Andy Payne gives his thoughts on standing for Ukie Board election

If you want to change the system you have to get inside it. That's something I learned pretty early on in life, after I spent most of my youth trying to force change from the outside. That did not work. I also discovered that one needs to adhere to the basics of democracy if you are to actually carry the changes that the majority want to see happen. After all, no one likes totalitarianism or dictatorship.

So I would urge all Full Members of Ukie to seriously consider putting one of their team up for election to our board of directors. It doesn't matter who you are, how long you have 'been industry' or what games you have worked on. What we are looking for are talented, committed,  games professionals who care about the games industry and specifically want to play a part, small or otherwise, in shaping its future.

Being a member of the Ukie board is both a challenge and an honour. It is always demanding and always interesting. For at least two years, for that is the term of service, you will be expected to get involved and get amongst the vast amount of issues ranging from IP promotion and protection, how games interact with children, online issues, cultural and commercial issues and much, much more. It's never dull and it's never quiet!

So don't delay, throw yourselves in the mix and put your name forward. I can promise that you will work alongside some brilliant people, address issues you never knew existed and above all make a difference. You know it makes sense so get that form in now!