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Bee7 is a user acquisition and monetization platform for Android, created especially for games. Bee7 makes it easier for developers to acquire loyal users, boost retention and monetize their games.

Designed with the user experience in mind, Bee7 does not disrupt gameplay through advertising. Instead, it gives the user complete control to discover new games they love to play. The innovative Bee7 game wall offers publishers new “ad-free” revenue; the magic of Bee7 is that users perceive the ads as content, which enhances the user experience, unlike traditional advertising models. The Bee7 game wall also offers increased retention and user sessions; the more users play an advertised game, the more they return to the publisher’s app. Publishers utilizing Bee7 also benefit from cross-promoting their own games for free. Advertisers receive non-incentivised game discovery, together with free re-engagement and therefore retention.

Created by multinational entertainment company and game developer Outfit7 to help other developers overcome the challenges of making profitable games, Bee7 uses the same technology that propelled Outfit7 from a start-up to achieve in excess of 2.5 billion downloads. Founded in 2014, the Bee7 platform, owned by Bee7000 Limited, is growing rapidly, already reaching 200 million monthly active users. While Bee7 Limited, responsible for all sales, is headquartered in London, it has expanded its presence to San Francisco and Singapore.