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The flagship brand, of Level Up Media, Dingit.tv lauched 2015, and has developed as the destination and platform for over 25 million monthly users, thousands of content creators and a hub for brands and advertisers wanting to reach a gaming demographic.  The LUM team consists of a team of gaming enthusiasts who's passion for gaming and esports, drives our goals and helps provided the best quality content, always vetted to appeal to an array of demographics.

Level Up Media’s mission is to connect the world of gamers, by providing a complete online video platform that supports an entire ecosystem of gamers, creators, brands, and publishers. We want to create a vibrant and sustainable media network that supports talented content creators, while helping brands and publishers
better engage a passionate gamer audience. The goal is to provide creators with a longer term and more reliable revenue stream while also getting greater reach through partners able to promote content.  This stability gives creators the confidence to invest in their content and better manage revenue.

Dingit.tv have “Partner Portals” which serve as dedicated hubs for partners to direct their audience and allow fans to find the best quality highlight content from their favourite teams, creators and events. Dingit.tv proudly partners with Splyce, Efrag, Penta Sports, HLTV.org and many more.

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Key Personnel

Claire Sharkey - Brand and Community
Chris Gale - CEO
Adam Simmons - Director of Content