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Mediatonic teams work for many months to design and build each game to achieve a creative vision that's original, compelling and fun. Once our games go live to the public, we then start to use analytics and business intelligence to understand how players are experiencing our games. Teams of people work tirelessly to improve every live game and develop the new content and features that keep our players entertained. We call this approach delivering Games as a Service because we're always listening to the gaming community and supplying new content.

Web connected
We support digital gaming platforms that allow us to deploy our content via the Web and to update them remotely. You'll find many of our games on Mobile phones and Tablets, on your PC, Console and on Facebook.

We like to connect players so that they can collaborate together and compete with each other. This goes much deeper than leaderboards and competitions; many of our games support cooperative play and turn-based combat and some even synchoronous multiplayer.

Continuously updated
We use state of the art analytics tools and automated deployment technology to learn from our players and supply new content to gamers. We can even adjust our content for different markets and user segmentations to provide a tailored experience.

Virtual Goods
Many of our games contain virtual goods which allow players to spend currency in the game to unlock new content or features. We hire experienced product managers, numerical game designers and whole teams of content creators to build virtual economies for our games.

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