Super Icon

Super Icon is a shiny new London based independent multi-platform game development & digital publishing studio who strive to create intelligent playful game titles and Apps with uniqueness to either the gameplay or content.
They truly are distinctive in their approach developing for a wide variety of platforms including PS Vita, PlayStation Mobile, Sony PSP, iOS, Android, Tablet, HTML5, Windows 8, Mac OS X and PC.
The world of games is constantly changing and evolving and at Super Icon they aim to bring you the opportunity to pass to your audience great, enjoyable and memorable content. There are huge opportunities to expand existing IP into the world of games and with over 10 years’ experience in the games industry Super Icon is truly in a position to help you and your brand reach its potential in this market.
From the very beginning Super Icon will work with you to develop your idea, helping to create the best possible game or application for you.
Whether you already have that idea or need some guidance, Super Icon are here to help every step of the way. With our knowledge and experience we truly are in the best possible position to get your IP to the audiences you want, whether that is to educate or entertain or both.
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