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Our past. Andy Robson.
Andy, our MD, has been working in QA since running the test department of Bullfrog Productions in 1994. Working closely with Peter Molyneux at Bullfrog, Andy followed Molyneux when Lionhead Studios was formed in 1998. Working as Head of Testing, Andy continued to develop the processes and Ology we still use as our blueprint today. Working on 30+ AAA titles during this section of his career, Andy is truly a QA warrior. A man destined to assure quality.

Our past. The early years.
Testology was formed in 2006. With a rich history in games development, the early years were mainly rooted in games. We refined our service, met and maintained lifelong clients, and cemented ourselves as the trusted solution for the games industry. We were passionate about giving options to developers of all sizes, and we collaborated on dozens of exciting products that established our reputation as the “go to guys” for testing.

The present. Our ology.
There’s nothing like the present, or so we’ve heard. So let’s briefly talk about where we’re at right now. Technology develops so why shouldn’t our service? We recognized the movement to web and mobile and transferred our expertise to these emerging platforms. With this came new relationships, in new industries, and so came our evolved identity as the functional QA solution for the entire technological world!

The future. Our strategy.
Our future is your future. We will continue to evolve as per requirement and continue to offer support where support is needed. Our service is dynamic and ever changing. If you’d like to know more about our Ology and testing strategies, give us a call. We’re always available to chat.

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