More top UK games makers win seats in Ukie Board elections


We have used our AGM, held this year at the Eurogamer Expo, to announce that nine UK game developers and publishers have won seats on the Ukie board in its recent elections. Ukie’s board is representative of the UK’s wider games and interactive entertainment industry, with the new publishers and developers joining the existing board members. Nine places were open on the Ukie Board and the following individuals will now join the Board of Directors to help shape what Ukie does for the entire industry:

  • Simon Barratt, Four Door Lemon
  • John Clark, SEGA
  • Spencer Crossley, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
  • Jonathan Grimes, Microsoft
  • Geoff Heath OBE, Mediatonic
  • Andy Payne OBE, Mastertronic
  • Ella Romanos, Remode
  • Roy Stackhouse, Activision Blizzard
  • Tom Stone, TT Games Publishing

The 10th slot was tied, so the new Board will be putting forward a resolution for the membership to vote on in the coming weeks to choose the 10th Board member.
New Ukie Board member Simon Barratt said: "We’ve had a great experience since joining UKIE and really benefited as a company, I’m really excited about the opportunity to help continue the great work for other members and the wider industry to benefit"

Returning Ukie Board member Andy Payne OBE said: “I am very pleased to serve the industry through the Ukie board. We have made stellar progress over the last 4 years and will need to ensure we go firmer and faster as the industry evolves and grows. Bring it on.”
New Ukie Board member Ella Romanos said: “I am hugely excited to have been voted onto the board. Ukie are fantastic at representing our industry and forging strong links between studios like Remode, the government, consumers and business interests. I look forward to working hard alongside my fellow board members to continue to help evolve the games sector in the UK and want to encourage more young people, especially girls and young women to consider a career in games."

New Ukie Board member Tom Stone said: “I am extremely pleased to have been voted onto the board. As a reasonably large studio operating in the UK, it is important that TT works closely with Ukie to help support, promote and grow all elements within the UK games industry “

Returning Ukie Board member Geoff Heath said: “The games industry is evolving faster than ever and we need to make sure Ukie is there, amongst it and looking after member's interests”

Returning Ukie Board member Spencer Crossley said “I am honoured to have been re-elected back onto the board. It is so important that we have Ukie to support the UK industry. Ukie has already achieved so much, but we still have to work together to keep up a strong momentum.”
A full list of Ukie’s new Board can be found here
Ukie also used its AGM to announce its total membership was up 429% in three years. Since it was established in September 2010, to become the trade body for the wider games and interactive entertainment industry, Ukie’s membership has grown from 42 mainly publisher members to a membership of over 185 companies – representing companies from all parts of the UK interactive entertainment industry.
Ukie membership growth in the past year has come largely from the UK development community who are now the largest constituent within the membership. Studios of all sizes have been attracted by Ukie’s key work on skills, education and business support.
Ukie also outlined at its AGM the key activity that it has undertaken for its members in 2013. This has included:

  • Ukie has moved in to a new central London open plan office, that all Ukie members can use for free. The new space is flexible enough to do anything their members need, making it a comfortable place to work and collaborate. The space is perfect for members from all across the country and can be used as a London based meeting area and a great place to develop or demo games and host press conferences and events.
  • Ukie is the sole accredited UKTI challenge partner and runs the official UK stands at major overseas trade shows. This means that this year Ukie have saved games businesses close to £70,000 at GDC San Francisco and gamescom Cologne. Ukie still have Game Connection Paris to come and will be saving UK companies even more money. Games businesses can register their interest for Game connection, GDC 2014 and Gamescom 2014.
  • Ukie has got over 100 volunteers, from throughout the UK games industry, officially signed up as STEMNet ambassadors. The Video Games Ambassadors (VGA) scheme was re-launched at Ukie’s Westminster Reception in June, and aims to inspire the next generation to consider a career in the industry, create games and to learn maths, physics, art and computer science at school. VGAs have now spoken to over 8500 children in schools throughout the country but Ukie are still urging more people to sign up and help inspire the next generation of games talent.
  • Ukie launched the world’s first official digital games chart using actual sales data from PC downloads and DLC. The Ukie PC Download Chart uses data from most of the leading players in digital distribution including EA, 1C, Disney, EA, Mastertronic, NCsoft, Sega, Square-Enix, THQ, Ubisoft and Warner Bros and other top PC game publishers. The chart provides invaluable marketing and business planning tools for individual businesses and the wider interactive entertainment industry. The chart also has great value to consumers as pointers to trends and guidance to approved distribution channels for digital purchases.
  • Ukie campaigned for new games images to be included in the global GREAT Campaign, with Sackboy, Moshi Monsters and LEGO Gandalf and Frodo being the first images used. The GREAT Campaign was launched last year, coinciding with the Olympics, by UK government to promote the UK to overseas markets and celebrate how innovative and creative British businesses are. Ukie worked closely with UKTI and created games industry promotional images showcasing the amazingly innovative and creative talent that the UK’s games sector has to offer from companies such as Mind Candy, TT Games and Media Molecule. Find out more information here.
  • Speaking at today’s AGM, Ukie CEO, Dr Jo Twist said: “Over the 18 months I have been heading up Ukie, we have been going through many of the same economic pressures and transitional headaches any SME and large company in our industry is under. More than ever before, I believe we are better together than alone. Sharing the burden, collaborating, being united is the only route to success. My aim for Ukie is that we are a support network for our members and the wider games industry: we are here when our members need us, and we go out of our way to make the UK the best place in the world to make and sell games.”

Speaking at the Ukie AGM Ukie Chairman, Andy Payne said: “I’m so proud of what Ukie has achieved this year, building on the progress of the last 4 years. It’s great to see how Ukie has helped the industry get even more recognition both politically and with the general public. We have continued to deliver more value to our members, no matter how big or small. I am really looking forward to driving Ukie on to greater heights over the coming 2 years and excited by the prospect of working with the new board to continue to make the UK as THE place to make, finance, play, buy and sell games.”
Prior to the AGM, Ukie CEO, Chair Andy Payne and Vice Chair Ian Livingstone accompanied Ed Vaizey, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, on a tour around the Eurogamer Expo floor, speaking to Ukie members large and small.
Ukie has also published its 2013 Annual Review which can be found here.