Ukie’s London Games Festival art exhibition raises over £30,000 for SpecialEffect

Overwhelming response results in largest-ever single games industry event fundraiser for amazing games charity SpecialEffect
The exhibition marked the finale of London Games Festival, with rare and exclusive pieces donated from across the games industry displayed for free at City Hall during the last week of October. The entire collection was then auctioned off over four weeks – with every single penny going directly to SpecialEffect, a unique charity doing whatever it takes to help everyone with disabilities to have a better quality of life through games, art and technology.

CEO of SpecialEffect, Dr Mick Donegan said, "huge thanks and congratulations to Kirsty Payne and her team at Ukie. The amount of money raised for SpecialEffect by their Games Art auction has exceeded our expectations by a long, long way and, to be honest, we're still in shock. However, what we are absolutely clear about is how it is being spent - on urgently needed specialist staff and more specialised technology to help transform the quality of life of even more severely disabled people even more quickly. It will be a real game changer in terms of SpecialEffect's impact throughout the new year."