Ukie Game Jam Winners Collect Their Trophy!

Huge congratulations to Code Name Spy for winning the Ukie Student Game Jam 2015, who collected their well-deserved trophy yesterday.

This year's game jam was kindly sponsored by Square Enix's project Collective, and NextGen Skills Academy. The jam, which was the 11th and 12th of May, saw 14 teams from Ukie's student membership competing against each other to create the best game possible in 36 hours, using the theme 'identity crisis’.

Code Name Spy was created by Aldo Curtis, Sam Hayhurst, Richard Fox, Sokol Murturi and Andrea Castegnaro, making it the second consecutive win from students at Goldsmiths University. 

The 'Mentor of the Universe' trophy was awarded to James 'Woody' Woodrow, of Utopian World of Sandwiches, for his excellent mentoring of the Norwich University of the Arts team.