UKIE response to Bailey Review

The Pan European Games Information (PEGI) age rating system is a Europe-wide system, administered in the UK by the Video Standards Council (VSC). The PEGI system was voluntarily adopted in the UK in 2003. Thanks to the successful lobbying of UKIE (then as Elspa), the Digital Economy Act 2010 made additional provisions for a more thorough adoption of the PEGI system in the UK, by designating the Video Standards Council (VSC) as the statutory body responsible for video game age ratings.

From autumn 2011 video games will now display the PEGI logo, in accordance with the age rating given by the VSC. The VSC will have the power to ban games that are inappropriate for release in the UK (based on an assessment of likely harm). For the first time, selling a video game PEGI rated 12, 16 or 18 to an underage person will become illegal and statutory penalties will apply.

Read the full paper here.

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