Welcome to our new members

Ukie is delighted to welcome the following new members this month: 
Ink Vial Games

Ink Vial is a game development Studio dedicated to making awesome games. Ink Vial Games is an artist-driven, full-service 3-D animation and game development studio based in London.

We R Interactive

We R Interactive blends the best of games, film and TV production to create social games that bring global audiences together around sport and music. We R Interactive's story-telling technology lets the game track multiple narratives, allowing innovative brand integrations to flow seamlessly around the core narrative.

Flix Interactive

Flix interactive have a passion for producing the highest quality digital content, delivered across multiple platforms. Whether you require website development, bespoke media design, console games development, corporate app solutions, mobile applications or 3D asset creation, Flix tailor their full spectrum of services to suit your needs.