Welcome to our newest members: Bossa Studios, GREE, Kybele Studio

Bossa Studios
Bossa Studios are a London based studio set up by a team of veterans from the games, entertainment and mobile industries. As proud creators of BAFTA winning Monstermind, they strive to disrupt the current state of social games by developing and publishing innovative games to the market. View profile.
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GREE is a global mobile social company with businesses that include social gaming, social media, advertising, licensing and merchandising, and venture capital. Established in December 2004, GREE operates one of Japan's largest social networking services, supporting 14 languages. GREE has offices in eleven locations from Tokyo and Seoul to San Francisco and London, and today its mobile social gaming ecosystem reaches 169 countries and regions. An industry leading tech pioneer that created the world’s first mobile social game in 2007, GREE continues to expand its products and explore new fields, bringing fun new ways of communicating to people around the world. View profile.
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Kybele Studio
Kybele Studio is an interactive entertainment design and development company based in London's Tech City, the most renowned technological hub in Europe. Kybele was one of the names of the Greek goddess of fertile nature and good harvests. She was also assimilated to productivity. Living up to those standards is Kybele Studio's mission statement. View profile.
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