Student & Indie Game Conference

22 October 2014

Ukie and Staffordshire University have teamed up to deliver the Student and Indie Games Conference.

The conference will give students, alumni and indie developers insight and knowledge to help prepare and inspire you for life after university and will also give you a chance to meet some industry leaders. This event has been sponsored by Epic Games, Flix Interactive and Overclockers UK. 



Staffordshire University, Beaconside, Staffordshire, ST18 0AD



Talks and Speakers:

At the Starting Line 

When you leave Uni, where do you go? This talk is for the students that are looking a starting up their on businesses. Hearing from Modern Dream's Helena Santos and Magic Notion's Richard Franke, students will learn about how to start a production line, pitfalls to look out for and the dos and don'ts of setting up a studio.

Professional Practice 

Don't want to be a start-up? Do you want to work in an established studio? This talk is for you.  Jon Hare from Tower Studios and a member of the Aardvark Swift team will explain how to portray yourself to potential employers, what studios look for in graduates, what to put in a portfolio and how to bag your first industry job.  


Inspiration and Design

Come be inspired. Come and hear from 'Modern Dream' game studio owner Ollie Clarke and Louise O'Connor from Rare Ltd to get your creative juices flowing and understand the key to quality game visuals and design.


Breaking the Mould

Want to make a game that is different? Come listen to talks given by two innovate game makers about how you can make something new, handmade, exciting and creative. With Gaz Bushell from Fayju and members of the Fat Pebble team.


Finance and Funding

Want to start or grow your studio but have no funding? Are you looking to get some monies together for your next project? The aim of this session is to give students a basic overview of the different funding opportunities that are available. Hear from Ella Romanos from Strike Gamelabs and representatives from UK trade and investment about the role of a publisher, Crowdfunding, Trade shows, Government money pots, local funding, angel investment and more.


PR, Production and IP 

The ultimate public relations, production and intellectual property talk! If you are thinking about getting your game discovered, this session cannot be missed! A PR guru will talk to you about how to PR your game, an expert producer will discuss the game production process, and an IP expert will talk to you about the value of your Intellectual Property. With Simon Callaghan from Johnny Atom, Aj Grand-Scrutton from Dlala Studios and Mo Ali from Ukie.


Business Models in flux 

Business models are in constant flux and it is often hard to evolve and adapt. Come and listen to Ed Fear, producer at Mediatonic, and Mike Gamble from Epic discuss working with investment, transition to games as a service and free to play, engine licensing and how they work and business survival!


Leveling up! 

Now you have an established studio and you are releasing games, what is the next stage? Come and hear from Nadar Alikhani talking about growing your business, staying relevant, expanding your company's aims and objectives, taking it to the next stage and planning for the future. With Guy Davidson from Creative Assembly, and Craig Thomas from Dlala Studios.


Building your Brand and building a fanbase

Where do you even start when trying to market your project? How do you build a community around your game and keep them engaged. This talk has your back! Natalie Griffith from Press Space, Youtuber AshDubh and Sarah Wellock from Sony Xdev Studios will be on hand to talk you through community development, growing your fanbase, expanding your brand and building relationships with the press.


Panel session

A panel session to round off the conference. Come and listen to the top tips of the day and grill the panel stars with questions.


This event is FREE


The conference will be hosted at Staffordshire University, Stafford Campus, a short walk from the train station and easily accessbile via bus/car. For full details on traveling there visit their website here.