GameCamp 9

GameCamp 9 is here! London's most eclectic games event is back 

GameCamp is an unconference, an all-inclusive one-day event about games, gamers, gaming, game-making and game culture. It throws its doors open to everyone from players, students, designers, programmers, publishers, writers, artists, critics, commentators, philosophers and anyone who's interested. It covers videogames from AAAs to indies, tabletop games, street-games, experimental games, games as art, games as science, games as commerce, games as culture, and pretty much anything else you want to talk about.

What's an Unconference?

An unconference has no guest speakers or pre-announced programme. All attendees can start a talk, seminar, demonstration or workshop on any game-related subject they want. There's a Big Board marked with rooms and time-slots: you write a description of your talk on an index card and stick it where you want on the Board. The range of talks is as wide as you want it to be, plus sessions are delightfully informal – more discussions than lectures. Do bring cool things to show off and talk about, but no PowerPoint.

Of course, there's more going on than that:

  • The 'Run What You Brung' playtest/demo area is open for anyone with a prototype game to show off, digital or tabletop, the more creative the better
  • Live action play organised in the open spaces
  • Haberdashery, Rob Davis' Cat On Yer Head, BioFeedback Labs, and other awesome exhibitors!
  • Mini game jams and creative challenges
  • A huge library of board-games for anyone to use

Plus opportunities for contact-making and networking, and lots more to be announced before the event. Keep checking the GameCamp website for updates!

Tickets are for a full day including lunch and a secret cool giveaway for every attendee. There’s more information and regular updates on our website.

GameCamp is made with love by the GameCamp Committee, and sponsored by the Game Design and Development - BA / BSc (Hons) course at London South Bank University.

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