Opportunities for Brands in esports

21 November 2017

Is your brand looking for a way to break into the world of esports? Or are you already engaged in the space and want to know where this quickly-changing scene is headed?

Join us on Tuesday November, 21 for an in-depth look at the opportunities for brands in esports hosted by Space Ape Games in partnership with Ukie.

Hear from key industry players, including event organisers, teams, and IP holders. You’ll learn about the current state of the space, how some brands are already successfully engaging with the esports landscape, and future opportunities on the esport and competitive gaming stage.



Space Ape Games, 100 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1HB


21 November 2017





esports 101 - How big is it and why should it matter to your brand?

With the esports industry booming and the market forecast to reach $1.5 billion in revenue by 2020, more brands than ever are looking for a way to step into the sector. Join us for an introduction to the esports landscape to help you identify where your brand could fit into the space.

Speaker; James Dean, Managing Director, ESL UK

Success Stories - Brands nailing it in esports

There are a good number of brands who have successfully cracked the esports space and are reaping the benefits. Learn from trailblazers already operating in the scene and find out how they are engaging their brands. Join the discussion during our Q&A following the panel session.

Panel session;

Benoit Pagotto, Head of Marketing, Fnatic

Martin Wyatt, Global Partnerships, Gfinity

Shane Herrington, HyperX

Michele Attisani, Founder, FACEIT

Yvonne Helen Hobden, Hewlett Packard

What's Next? - Future opportunities for your brand

Industry experts will share their view on where esports is heading and where the opportunities will lie for brands. This section will cover in-game and broadcast placements, as well as the adoption of new platforms such as mobile in the space.


Tony Yang, Product Owner, Space Ape Games

James Draper, CEO, Bidstack

Mark Cox, Studio Head, Riot Games UK

Adam Whyte, Head of esports, The Goat Agency

The event is free to attend and will be followed by networking opportunities where you can engage with event organisers, IPs, broadcasters and brands directly. Food & beverages provided.

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