DSH Esports Tournament Final

11 April 2018

Our National Digital Schoolhouse eSports Tournament kicked off in December and has with approx. 2000 students taking part from 20 different Digital Schoolhouses across the UK. Four regional champions will compete in a grand final event at Gfinity London Arena on Wednesday 11th April as part of the London Games Festival.

Supported by the video games industry, this event is designed to engage and inspire students with computing technology and the creative digital sector using a medium and a platform that students are already very familiar with. By using the medium of games, students are introduced to and given insight into a new world of career opportunities developing in the UK within the esports sector.

Register here for your seat at The Grand Final and watch the action unfold LIVE.

Unable to attend? Don’t worry, you won’t miss out, catch the live stream on our Twitch channel from 10.30am on 11th April.