Ukie and Nesta announce games mentoring pairs

Ukie and Nesta are proud to announce games mentoring pairs.

Ukie and Nesta’s Video Games Mentor Network launched in April to enable businesses to access help and advice from established industry leaders to support their growth. Following an open call for applications, eight mentees have now been chosen and paired with a mentor whose skills, expertise and knowledge matched their business needs.

The Video Games Mentor Network partners are as follows:

Thomas Bidaux (ICO Partners)      Paired with     Richard Flower (Fuzzy-Frog)
Noirin Carmody (Revolution)         Paired with     John Reynolds (Tall Studios Ltd)
Matt Carroll (Disney Interactive)    Paired with     Graham McAllister (Player Research)
Andy Payne (Mastertronic)            Paired with     Phil Gaskell (Ripstone)
Miles Jacobson (SI)                       Paired with     Iain Gilfeather (Fat Pebble)
Nicholas Lovell (Games Brief)       Paired with     Claire Hill-Whittall (Super Icon)
James Brooksby (Born Ready)      Paired with     Kostas Zarifis (Kinesthetic Games)
Jon Hare (Tower Studios)             Paired with     Chris Kempt (Kempt)

The programme, which last for 12 months, is designed to provide businesses with one-to-one mentoring sessions, coaching support and the opportunity to attend valuable workshops and events throughout the year where they can meet other mentors and mentees.

Ukie CEO, Dr Jo Twist said “The scheme is a fantastic way for SMEs to get first hand expert advice from people with proven track records in the games industry. The UK games industry is especially good at collaborating, sharing stories and experiences and we believe the companies involved in the games mentor scheme have a great opportunity to get critical support in order to thrive.”

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