Tax breaks are go!

Dino Tribes by Blazing Griffin

Get your cultural test certificate now

Developers can now get their games production tax credits, as the final piece of legislation has come into force.

Although games developers have been able to make preliminary applications for games tax relief since April, on any spending they have incurred from 1st April, HMRC have not been able to send out actual payments. However, today saw the Cultural Test (Video Games) Regulations go into force. This means that the BFI can now issue final certificates that games have passed the cultural test, and companies can make their tax credit claims as a result.

This is the final milestone in a journey that has lasted many years. But we made it! It has taken lots of hard work from lots of people across the whole industry to get to this point, and we're hugely grateful to everyone who has pitched in. 

HM Treasury Press Release

As the Treasury's press release says, several studios have already received a 'letter of comfort' from the BFI that they would pass the cultural test, meaning they will now receive a final certificate and will be able to claim their tax credit. These include two games by Ukie members: Dino Tribes by Blazing Griffin and SpacePants by BoxFace Games. BoxFace Games, incidentally, is a 12-year old developer. So if he can do it, you can too!

Ukie has been running a roadshow with experts explaining to companies around the country how they can claim the new tax relief, and how they can use it to unlock more funding. Our next stop is at Leeds next week, in partnership with Game Republic. Tickets are free, and developers can sign up here:

Come to our free advice event in Leeds on 26th August

There is also lots of information available on our website. For a basic introduction to how the tax breaks work and what you need to do, go here:

How to get your UK Games Tax Relief

At the bottom of that page you'll also find a list of tax and accountancy experts who have agreed to offer Ukie members free consultations and preferential rates helping you to claim and get the most out of games tax relief.

The final version of the cultural test regulations, which are in effect from today, can be found on

The cultural test regulations