Ukie manifesto kicks off life after tax breaks

Ukie launches policy manifesto for the games industry

Our Manifesto, which you can read above, sets out our priorities for how to accelerate growth in the UK games sector, now that we have tax relief in place and coding back on the curriculum. Created with input from Ukie’s members over the last six months, the Policy Manifesto calls for action on three headline areas of policy support:

  • Support to help UK games companies grow across the UK – including regulatory stability, better infrastructure, and a long term roadmap where games businesses can access public funding and support proportionate to the other screen industries
  • Promotion of the UK games industry abroad – demonstrating that the UK is one of the leading videogame industries in the world, including a focus on funding, fully supporting and working with industry on trade and investment activity such as trade missions and helping UK businesses to reach overseas marketplaces
  • Building a strong and diverse talent pipeline – including supporting the new Computing Curriculum, investing in careers guidance, teacher confidence, and extending and making permanent the Skills Investment Fund

This document sets out what our members believe are priority areas to be addressed by the next government; now we will build a detailed picture of how improvements can be made and we need you to help us. This is your Manifesto, after all. We will be meeting with MPs from across the political spectrum, and making sure they are all aware of the big issues. If you would like us to meet with your local MP, do let us know.

We will also have a separate doocument which outlines some of the work we need to do as a sector, that doesn't necessarily need policy intervention. 

If you would like to discuss any of the issues in this Manifesto, and to engage in the next steps, get in touch with me.

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We also have a forum discussion open for members to join in the discussion. Just follow the link below to get involved in the conversation.

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