We need you to help us make the industry’s case to the next government

We need your input for our next government asks 

We launched our Games Industry Manifesto for the Next Parliament in September. This set out the strategic areas that the next government should act on to help the UK become the best place in the world to make and sell games. Since then we have been developing a series of White Papers that set out detailed recommendations for action in those strategic areas.

The first two of those papers are on public funding for the games industry and support for trade and investment activity for our industry. They are now near completion and we want final input on them from members. You can download the draft papers from our members forum and join in the conversation on them. You will need to be a registered member and logged in to access them.

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The three key areas for action the manifesto set out were:

1. Supporting growth
Build on the foundation of Video Games Tax Relief by taking more steps to help games businesses grow. These include investment in connectivity and regional growth, and crucially the creation of a long-term roadmap for providing public support to games companies proportionate to that received by the other screen industries

2. Promoting UK games industry abroad
Deliver on the goals of UKTI’s International Strategy for the Creative Industries by funding further global engagement and inward investment work for the games industry.

3. A strong and diverse talent pipeline
Capitalise on the opportunity presented by the new Computing curriculum to give the UK the strongest skills base for video games in the world.

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We now need your help to finalise the first two of our White Papers setting out detailed recommendations for the next government.

More public funding

The first paper is on public funding for the games industry. 

We believe that there is an opportunity, following the introduction of Video Games Tax Relief, to fully unlock the cultural and economic potential of games as both an industry and a form of media that is a huge part of modern life. The other screen industries - film, television, VFX and animation - have all benefited to varying degrees from additional support from public funds. We believe it is time for games as a mature part of the British cultural landscape to receive similar support.

The paper sets out four potential sources of funding:

  1. Central government funding – to create schemes like an expanded Prototype Fund
  2. Lottery funding – to provide support for the creation of games and the celebration of their heritage
  3. Public service broadcasters – both the BBC and Channel 4 already fund some games, we call for this to be expanded and re-assessed
  4. European Funding – the Creative Europe fund of €1.6 billion should be made more accessible to UK games companies

We need input from games companies on whether the detail of these requests is right, and whether we are making the case in the right way.

Delivery of a new trade and investment plan

The trade and investment paper calls for more government support to promote the UK games sector overseas.

Following the introduction of Video Games Tax Relief, there is huge potential for the UK industry to increase its exports to other countries and to generate higher levels of direct investment from overseas. But we have yet to see a concerted push to make this happen, and as a result we risk missing this opportunity and failing to make the most of the new tax relief.

In the trade and investment paper, we set out the need for:

  1. Industry and Government Agencies to agree a new purpose - We need consistent messaging about the UK games industry to be used across the world
  2. Set games-specific targets - UKTI’s strategic goals for the creative sector need to be translated into games-specific targets
  3. Increasing investment through global engagement - a single plan of worldwide activity, funded with the help of UK government, to reach key audiences in all target markets

Just to re-iterate, we NEED our members input on both of these papers; please go to the forum to join the conversation now.

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If you are not a member and would be interested in discussing the papers, please email our Policy Officer Andy Tomlinson.

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