Creative skills for games top of the Parliamentary agenda

Our CEO Dr Jo Twist spoke at last night's All Party Parliamentary Group

Ukie CEO Jo Twist spoke at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Art, Craft and Design in Education yesterday - chaired by the Earl of Clancarty. 

Presenting Ukie's work on skills and education to a packed room of MPs and educationalists, Jo said:

"The making of games combines skillsets that no other sector combines and some of our budgets and team sizes surpass that of film production.

The crafting of bits and bytes, the highly skilled artists, writers, musicians, audio designers, interface designers and business expertise requires an army of next generation creators.

We fundamentally believe that the future strength of the UK games industry rests on our ability to inspire, recruit and promote this army from diverse backgrounds.

Building on our work around Next Gen, Our Manifesto supports Nesta’s Schools’ Digital Pledge to ensure that the curriculum brings together art, design, technology and computing, so that young people are able to enjoy greater opportunities to work creatively with technology, both in and out of school.

Technology and Art should be introduced to students early on, and more support given to Art teachers to use digital tools.  Young people are digitally literate from a very early age and should embrace this in the development of their art and design skills. Technology is not a replacement for drawing and visualisation, but an extension, and as such should be pursued as well."

Ukie's work with Digital Schoolhouse now reaching thousands of children in London - illustrated to the group how arts and computing could be combined in the classroom.

Ukie's Policy Manifesto can be found here