Annual Ukie Student Game Jam

Ukie's Annual Student Game Jam 2015

Ukie is holding the annual official Ukie Student Game Jam (exclusive to Ukie Students) on May 11th and 12th, sponsored by Next Gen Skills Academy and Square Enix. Each university will submit a maximum of three teams of up to six students for the jam, and each team will be paired with a mentor from the industry who will help guide the teams throughout. Mentors will either visit the university or be available remotely. Teams will compete against each other and other universities to create the best game and win!

The theme of the game jam will be announced at 9:30am on Monday morning, and teams have until midnight on Tuesday to complete their game. A panel of judges selected by Ukie will decide the winner. The winning student team will be awarded the Ukie Students cup, and the winning mentor will win the ‘Mentor of the Universe’ trophy! The winning team will also have the opportunity to work closely with Square Enix Collective to work on their game further and get the game exclusively on the platform for a week. Other prizes are to be confirmed.

The jam will be done remotely, so every university will find an area on campus for the duration of the game jam. The jam will start at 9am on May 11th, finishing at midnight on May 12th. The winner will be announced on Thursday 14th May.

The judging criteria of the game jam is as follows:

1) Concept – How well does it match the theme?
2) Playability - Is it fun and challenging enough to play?
3) Visual impression - Does the art style suit the game?
4) Narrative - Does the game's story work and flow?
5) Replayability - Is it compelling and does it have high replay value?
6) Soundtrack - Does the audio fit the game?
7) Creativity - How creative and unique is the game?
8) Accessibility - How accessible is it to gamers with hearing, vision, cognitive or motor impairments?


Ukie will have regular contact with each team and mentor, and institutes are to arrange streaming equipment from the location if they would like to, as well as space for the game jam to happen on campus. All teams must have access to Skype for regular communication.

If you are interested in forming a team and participating in the Ukie Student Game Jam, please contact your course leaders to get involved! And if you would like to be a mentor for the Game Jam, please email Jenny Brammall.