Letting government know what you think

Letting government know what you think - current government consultations

Parliament may be in recess but there are plenty of policy consultations that we’re responding to that will have an impact on UK games businesses.

If you’ve got thoughts on any of the below please let Andy know.


Scottish Affairs Committee – Creative Industries in Scotland

This consultation is looking at the contribution of the creative industries in Scotland to employment and the economy, and will consider how UK policy—in areas such as tax reliefs and intellectual property rights—affects these industries.

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We are also planning a visit for the MPs on the Committee to some games companies first-hand in Dundee  - let us know if you want to be involved in this visit.


BIS Committee – Productivity Plan

Productivity is a current buzzword that will influence lots of the government’s overall economic strategy. The Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee is exploring whether the government’s Productivity Plan addresses the main causes of low productivity in the UK and whether the plan is likely to achieve its desired results.

We think that the games industry is a great example of a very productive sector for the government to look at as a case study and will be promoting this in our response.

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Migration Advisory Committee  – Tier 2 Visas

This consultation is asking businesses about the challenges they face when recruiting from outside the European Economic Area.

We have arranged for the Migration Advisory Committee team to come to our Policy Group meeting on 3rd September, to give a brief presentation on their call for evidence and to answer your questions. This will be an important conversation in determining the nature of our submission.

Let us know if you would like to attend this meeting.

Additionally, we invite you to take a Ukie survey on Skilled Migration that will be relevant to this ongoing conversation, here is a link to the survey.

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