Ukie welcomes £5m Mayor of London Digital Skills Fund

Ukie welcomes £5m Mayor of London Digital Skills Fund 

The Mayor of London has launched a new £5m programme, which will fund access to digital skills for young people across the Capital, ensuring the future of the London's thriving technology sector. Alongside this programme was the release of the Computing Curriculum Guide, which Ukie are proud to have collaborated with the London Enterprise Panel (LEP) and the Education Foundation thinktank to produce. 

The guide will provide practical guidance for how primary and secondary schools across London can effectively embed the new Computing Curriculum, which was brought in as a response to successful lobbying by Ukie in our Next Gen report for a change to the way computing is taught in schools. On the back of this we worked in partnership with the LEP on our groundbreaking Digital Schoolhouse project. It has been fantastic to be given the opportunity to work alongside them once again, and also the Education Foundation, in the production of the Computing Curriculum Guide, which gives guidance to senior leaders on how to introduce the curriculum, and the resources available to assist with teaching. Investing in the talent pipeline at such a young age is key to ensuring that children are prepared for the future workplace and emerging digital jobs. 

Ukie recently launched the Blueprint for Growth report, an independent report which outlines recommendations that Parliament can take add an extra £1bn annually to the UK games industry, doubling our sector’s rate of growth. We call for MPs to act on our recommendations to grow, attract and retain the best talent to successfully unlock the true potential of our sector, and investment in programmes like this is just the beginning.

Ukie CEO, Dr Jo Twist, said, “Skills and talent are a top priority for the UK games industry and this new investment will ensure that the next generation have the digital skills they need to access jobs in London’s already booming tech sector. It is fantastic to see the LEP and Mayor are taking the need to invest in digital talent seriously, as providing skills to young Londoners is the only way to secure our sector remains at the forefront of technical and creative innovations. Investing in computing education and digital skills at a young age will build the tech stars of the future.

“The London LEP is really leading the way supporting 21 century skills, other enterprise partnerships should take note and support their own clusters in this way.”