Ukie responds to UK Digital Strategy call

Ukie responds to UK Digital Strategy call

Ukie welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the development of a new digital strategy for the UK.  To date the achievement of the government and previous administration have been considerable and it is right that there is ambition to build on them.  Our submission is based on Ukie’s UK Video Games Sector:  a blueprint for growth, launched in Westminster in November 2015, which identifies a number challenges faced by the UK games industry, as well as its potential to spill-over and transfer knowledge, skills and innovation to wider society. 

Many of the concerns of the games industry are shared by the tech sector as a whole – resolution of the measurement/classification issue; access to public and private finance; developing links and strategies at a LEP level of government; effective tax credits and incentives; long-term talent development by support creative computing from primary school onwards and the promotion of net generation technologies like VR which will shape future growth.  

Ukie makes 5 recommendations to government under the banner of Unlocking Growth and Building Foundations.

  1. UK and EU funding to fully and equitably recognise the contribution of games, ensuring effective support alongside other creative industries.
  2. Support regional growth, FDI and exports across the UK.
  3. Create the best tax environment and digital marketplace to do business worldwide
  4. Grow, attract and retain the best talent
  5. Promote games-as-culture and celebrate cutting-edge UK innovation

Read Ukie's Blueprint for Growth here.