Ukie Student Game Jam 2017 Announced

The highly anticipated Ukie Student Game Jam is returning for its fourth year on May 17 - 19 2017! 

The Game Jam will see teams from Ukie Student institutes competing against each other to create the best game in 48 hours and win the coveted Ukie Student Game Jam trophy.

Each Ukie Student institute can submit a maximum of four teams of six students, and each team will be paired with a games industry mentor. The jam will be done remotely, so each institute must find an area on campus for the duration of the game jam. Mentors can either guide their team remotely or onsite. If you’d like to be a mentor please contact Megan. 

The theme of the game jam will be announced at 9:30am on Wednesday 17 May. Teams then have 48 hours to brainstorm, design and complete their game.

A panel of games industry judges will decide the winning game, which will be awarded the Ukie Students Game Jam trophy. The game with the best accessibility features will win the ‘Most Accessible Game’ award. Mentors will also be judged by the students, with the best being awarded the ‘Mentor of the Universe’ trophy.

Ukie will have regular contact with each team and mentor, and institutes are encouraged to livestream their teams. All teams must have access to Skype to provide Ukie with updates on their progress throughout the 24 hours.

Students interested in forming a team and participating in the Ukie Student Game Jam should contact their course leaders or Megan for a team application form. Team submissions end at 5pm Tuesday 2nd May, so don't hang around!

Sponsorship opportunities are also available please get in touch with Megan for more info.

You can read about last year’s game jam here, and about the winning team from Brunel University here.