Ian Hamilton discusses game accessibility on the 17th of May for Ukie's Hotline

A phone sits on a desk with a light shining through it, in the phone it reads hotline. Alongside the phone, text states 'Ian Hamilton' 2-4pm on the 17th of may 'impact of CVAA legislation'

Ukie Hotline: Ian Hamilton discusses game accessibility 

With game developers trying to make their creations accessible to as many people as possible, but with many either not knowing where to start or how to carry it out practically. Ukie has enlisted the help of Ian Hamilton to answer any and all questions our members may have on the 17th of May from 2-5pm on the matter.

Having a background of ten years in game accessibility, initially in gaming for preschool children with profound and multiple disabilities. Hamilton now works with the wider industry raising the profile and enhancing the understanding behind the accessibility of games.

With 15% of people in the UK being disabled, and 20% of casual gamers having a disability, the importance of a games accessibility should be paramount. Hamilton being one of the core contributors to an award-winning website that sets a straight forward reference to inclusive game design, will be able to get your head around the matter.

Securing someone so in-the-know about the impact that CVAA legislation has on your business, and how to make your creations accessible to everyone, is something exclusive to Ukie members and is extremely useful.

If game accessibility is something you want to find out more about, call Ian Hamilton on our hotline from 2-5pm on the 17th of May. 

 Contact number: 07779 096041

Twitter: @ianhamilton_

Email: i_h@hotmail.com