Stefano Petrullo is available on the 14th of May for Ukie's hotline

Poster for Stefano Petrullo speaking on Ukie's hotline. A phone shines on the table with a phone placed on top.

Ukie hotline: Stefano Petrullo discusses PR

PR and gaming go hand in hand, with strategies almost being as crucial as the creation itself, having an understanding in today’s climate of PR strategy is essential, no matter the size of your company. In light of this, Industry veteran Stefano Petrullo founded Renaissance PR, to provide a unique non-formulaic approach to public relations, which has gone on to be nominated for several awards, winning TMT News’ Best PR Gaming Professional in 2016.

Dealing with a large number of developers and publishers within the games industry, Renaissance PR are fluent in efficient communication and are able to manage several accounts at once. Ukie is pleased to have Petrullo taking on any questions you may have on the hotline from 2-5pm on the 14th of May.

Having a grasp on the industry is something that people in the sector take for granted but a deeper understanding of competitors, consumers and trend setters is an art-from in itself and having someone with their finger on the pulse talk you through the minefield that is PR, is extremely beneficial.

Bad PR or no PR can sadly be the downfall of a product, Petrullo understands this and takes PR jargon and cuts it down to fact, to help their clients in the most useful way possible.

Ukie’s members are free to call Renaissance PR's Petrullo, on any issue regarding PR on the 14th of May 2-5pm.

Contact number: 07828 692315 


Twitter: @iltrullo