Policy papers

Ukie is the lead voice on the big policy issues facing the UK games industry. We gather our members' opinions and represent their views in a series of policy papers and we consult widely outside our membership when we need to. We make all our consultation responses available for anyone to read so you can see how we do things. 

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Ukie response to HM Treasury consultation on Creative Sector Tax Reliefs

10 September 2012

Ukie response to Department for Education consultation on Parental Internet Controls

10 September 2012

Ukie response to notice of OFCOM’s proposal to make by order a code for regulating the initial obligations

27 July 2012

Next Gen Skills Get Schools Coding Call to Action

09 July 2012

Next Gen Skills Response to Department for Education Consultation on ICT

12 April 2012

Ukie Briefing Sheet - Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

11 April 2012

Ukie Response to Intellectual Property Office Consultation on proposals to change the UK’s copyright system

03 April 2012

Ukie response to Ministry of Justice Call for Evidence on EU Data Protection Proposals

07 March 2012

Ukie Crowd Funding Report - A Proposal to Facilitate Crowd Funding in the UK

16 February 2012

Ukie Policy Paper - Access to Finance

08 February 2012