Policy papers

Ukie is the lead voice on the big policy issues facing the UK games industry. We gather our members' opinions and represent their views in a series of policy papers and we consult widely outside our membership when we need to. We make all our consultation responses available for anyone to read so you can see how we do things. 

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Ukie Policy Paper - Access to Finance

08 February 2012

The video games industry - A responsible attitude towards parents and children

06 October 2011

Ukie response to HM Treasury Consultation on R&D tax credits

30 August 2011

Ukie Briefing Sheet - Broadband Infrastructure

02 August 2011

Ukie response to Government Open Letter: A Communications Review for the Digital Age

30 June 2011

Ukie Policy Paper - Response to Ofcom site blocking Review

15 April 2011

Ukie response to National Curriculum Review - Call for Evidence

15 April 2011

Ukie Response to Review of Intellectual Property and Growth - Call for Evidence

15 March 2011

Ukie response to Bailey Review

06 February 2011