The Association for United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment or Ukie (pronounced YOU-KEY) is a trade body that aims to support, grow and promote the whole of the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry. Founded in 2010 (although formerly known as ELSPA), Ukie’s membership includes all the major UK and global games publishers and the best of UK development talent - from promising start-ups to some of the biggest, most successful studios operating in the UK today.

We also have distributors, academic institutions, new publishers, and media outlets that are integral to the lifeblood of the industry as part of the family.

Ukie works with government to champion a range of issues including age ratings, education and skills, access to finance and protecting intellectual property rights. It also works with the media to ensure true and accurate representation of the sector by raising awareness of the industry’s positive economic contribution and the societal benefits of gaming to policy makers, regulators and consumers.

One of Ukie’s key roles is to support its members by providing them with key market information, promoting careers and offering the business support services, training and best-practice knowledge to enable them to operate most effectively.

We also offer comprehensive events programme to give the games industry access to key information, leading industry figures and give everyone the chance to network. You can see our events programme here.

In addition, Ukie compiles weekly, monthly and annual retail charts and sales reports for the UK market.

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Latest press releases

Videogames counterfeiter re-imprisoned for failure to pay back proceeds of crime

Author: Ukie admin

London, 22nd July 2010 – UKIE was delighted by the re-imprisonment of convicted videogames counterfeiter Steve Adams, for failure to pay back money made from his criminal activity under a Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) Investigation. Mr Adams is now serving a further two years in prison for running a videogames counterfeiting scam across the Midlands and North West England.

UKIE welcomes Sam Collins as Commercial Manager

Author: Ukie admin

London, United Kingdom 21st July 2010 – Today UKIE, The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment, welcomes Sam Collins as its new Commercial Manager.

Sam will play a central role as ELSPA transitions to The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE). The broadening of the interactive entertainment industry has given rise to new publishers, distributors and service providers, and through its move to UKIE, UKIE will embrace these potential new members to represent and further the interests of the interactive entertainment industry.

UKIE Director General seeks clarity from Minister regarding PEGI implementation

Author: Ukie admin

London, July 16th 2010: Michael Rawlinson, Director General of UKIE, The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment has today written to Hon. Ed Vaizey MP seeking clarity on the implementation date of the PEGI classification system for videogames in the UK.

UKIE understands that there will be a delay in implementing the Digital Economy Act’s provisions on PEGI. It is suggested that the PEGI rating system will not to be legally enforceable until April 2011.

UKIE Director General appointed Vice Chairman of the Alliance Against IP Theft

Author: Ukie admin

London, United Kingdom, 13th July 2010 - Today UKIE The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment welcomes the appointment of Director General, Michael Rawlinson, to the post of Vice Chairman of the Alliance Against IP Theft.

The Alliance Against IP Theft is a UK-based coalition of 20 associations and enforcement organisations with an interest in ensuring intellectual property rights receive the protection they need and deserve.

UKIE statement on Tax Relief Proposal

Author: Ukie admin

London, United Kingdom, 2nd July 2010 - Following a meeting of the UKIE board on Friday 9th July 2010, all those present unanimously agreed to positively support TIGA and UK developers’ desire to gain tax breaks for the production of qualifying videogames and interactive entertainment products. TIGA and UKIE will form a steering committee immediately which will consist of members of TIGA and UKIE and invited professional advisors in the areas of law, tax and public affairs.

UKIE greatly disappointed by coalition backtrack on tax breaks for videogames industry

Author: Ukie admin

London, United Kingdom, 2nd June 2010 – Despite making a pre-election commitment towards tax breaks for the video games industry the Chancellor today announced that they are ‘poorly targeted’ and will be scrapped.

In response, Director General of UKIE, Michael Rawlinson said:

UKIE Appoints New Director for London Games Festival 2010

Author: Ukie admin

London, United Kingdom, 21st May 2010 – UKIE – The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment today announced the appointment of Kirsty Payne as the Director of the 2010 London Games Festival. In its fourth year the London Games Festival is a group of events to promote the games industry and make interactive entertainment a focus for media, consumers and the government.


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