18 Jan 2016 to 19 Jan 2016

Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016

PGC London 2016 is the largest dedicated mobile b2b games conference in Europe and your gateway to the heart of the industry.

Ukie members receive a 30% discount, see below for details.

15 Oct 2015

open( London )

No fluff. No dumbing down. No press invites. No sales pitches. Just a gathering of experts who have lots to gain by helping each other out.

24 Sep 2015

Developing Games on 64-bit Android

“64-bit” has become a big buzzword for mobile hardware with the launch of Apple A7 in 2013 and Android L in 2014. 

16 Apr 2015 to 17 Apr 2015

PG Connects Bangalore

Pocket Gamer Connects has established itself as THE leading mobile games event in the western world, catering to over 1,500 of the global mobile games industry’s top professionals in 2014 alone across London and Helsinki events.

PG Connects Bangalore