Northern Ireland Screen fund

What is Northern Ireland Screen

Northern Ireland Screen is the national screen agency for Northern Ireland and it is committed to maximising the economic, cultural and educational value of the screen industries for the benefit of Northern Ireland. With its funding for the video games industry, Northern Ireland Screen aims to develop the digital content sector through the support of Northern Irish talent working in gaming, e-learning, web and mobile. More information on Northern Ireland Screen can be found here.

What funding is available to the video games industry?

Northern Ireland’s two main funding streams are:

  • Project Development Funding which is available for development of video game projects for international markets and distribution. Northern Ireland Screen will invest (via a recoupable loan) (1) 90% of the budget for projects with a budget up to £10,000; (2) 75% of the budget for projects with a budget of between £10,000 and £20,000 and (3) 50% of the budget for projects over £20,000 up to a maximum of £100,000.
  • Project Production Funding which is available to companies working in the video games sector to assist in completing budgets on productions which are almost fully financed. Northern Ireland Screen can invest (via a recoupable loan) a maximum of £500,000 up to a ceiling of 25% of the overall project budget.

Eligibility requirements

Project Development Funding is available to independent production companies based in Northern Ireland and European production companies which have an office and staff based in Northern Ireland.

Project Production Funding is available to all legally incorporated companies who: (1) can fulfil the British Cultural Test (more information on this can be found here); (2) have 65% of their funding already in place; and (3) can demonstrate their project has clear possibilities for commercial exploitation (such as having an experienced publisher attached to the project).

How do you apply?

Initially, projects are encouraged to email Northern Ireland Screen Fund to discuss the proposed project. Information on contact details and what further details may be required can be found here

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