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Aardvark Swift is not your average recruitment company. Our passion for the job is evident in everything we do. We excel at finding the right candidates for our partners and we’ve been doing it for 30 years, developing a huge network of industry contacts and evolving alongside the studios and brands we work with.

Our experience, forward thinking approach and team of dedicated consultants with specialist areas of expertise across all game development disciplines makes us the people best placed to assist you in growing your talent pool.
Our award-winning services are extended to studios of all sizes and include specific options for indie studios or specialised hard to fill roles at AAA studios.

We also invest in the next generation of game devs through the Get in The Game university tour and our Search For A Star and Rising Star game dev challenges. Improving the prospects and skills of game dev students in conjunction with studios, ensuring the future of the industry remains bright.

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(+44) 01709 834777

Key Personnel

Ian Goodall, Managing Director, ian@aswift.com
Simon Hope, Director, simon@swift.com
Kelly Hole, Accounts Manager, kelly.hole@aswift.com
Glenn Spacey, Operations Manager, glenn@aswift.com
Martin White, Marketing Manager, martin@aswift.com

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UK Headquarters

Aardvark Swift
16 Nightingale Court, Nightingale Close
S60 2AB