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AppStart is a financial solutions provider to the video games industry.  Born out of a games publisher we know the industry inside and out, and the challenges you face, and are here to help you grow your business. AppStart offers access to capital to fund user acquisition and reduce reliance on equity funding.


  • You need to spend capital to grow users and revenues, but don’t have access to funds to do so.
  • You have done some UA tests, have had great results, but can't scale until you get money to fund it.
  • We know that even when you’ve earned revenues from your games they will sit with the app store for up to 60 days, and if you had those revenues now, you could grow your business much more quickly.
  • You have to wait 4-6 months before you get money back from HMRC for your R&D or VGTR credits.
  • You are earning advertising revenues but they sit at the networks for 45-60 days. how can you get hold of them now?

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