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Cubic Motion produces much of the world’s finest next-gen facial animation. Our clients achieve outstanding results at production rates we believe are unrivalled by any other service provider or tool-assisted internal pipeline. This is matched by extraordinarily low production expense – a revolution for producers. Whether you’re starting a new production or facing cost and throughput challenges in your current project, Cubic Motion can help. If you’ve tried pose-based retargeting or similar tools and are disappointed with the results, we have a special quick-switch program designed to get you back on track with close-to-zero disruption.

Our technologies and expertise works with markerless facial video (single or multi-camera), motion capture, depth sensors, or even just audio. Your team will love working with our deliveries: fully-editable animation or tracking which is already production-quality on delivery. We never send rough ‘blocking-out’ or similar unfinished results (from which estimating time and cost to final quality is notoriously difficult). We can also discuss, with close partners, deployment of our Qommotion™pipeline technologies in their own studios.

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