Eebz provides sales insights by analysing hundreds online and bricks-and-mortar retailers in over 70 markets, checking pricing and availability daily. The app gathers information about gaming products in 450 retailers and presents a series of actionable web-based report that empowers to better manage distribution and retailer partners, quickly identify new sales opportunities and supports forecasting.

In a nutshell, some main points are to:

  • tell you how territories / retailers are performing for specific titles / SKUs;
  • show pricing / availability of game titles (and compare vs. competing / other titles) across digital and physical stores;
  • help to manage availability / pricing of special editions (Steel books etc);
  • check promotional compliance;
  • show up any pricing anomalies with retailers (e.g. are they pricing down your title as they should be);

- help to identify retailers selling grey imports;

- plus many improvements and addition features.

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