Flying Interactive

UKIE Member

Flying Interactive is an independent digital video game publisher based in London, UK, specialized in working with indie developers to publish, market and sell their games. Flying Interactive covers everything from customer service to QA & consulting, from marketing to distributing your games on several channels.

We love playing games too and our team understands the needs of gamers. We use that knowledge to provide wide range of services to help you make the best version of your game from design assistance and consultancy to localisation and QA.

Either you need to take your game to market across major sales channels or you just need to expand your digital distribution opportunities, we offer worldwide digital publishing and distribution solutions tailored to your needs.

Creation and execution of marketing strategy is critical to your success. Our services are provided to you to ensure you get the pricing right, launch your game on the right date and protect your products value. Information you need about all major store fronts before you go to market.

Our PR services focuses on getting your game seen by media, video sites or directly by gamer audience at exhibitions and events. We also handle the communication to make sure your press/review copies are in the right hands and delivered to valid identitites.

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