Future Games of London

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The App Store arrived in July 2008. At the time we thought this would revolutionise how people accessed and played games. We immediately started work to prepare the foundations for what became Future Games of London. The company was formed in 2009 with the exclusive plan to build games for this new smart phone era. We wanted to publish innovative, original and mass market content to what we could see would become an ever-increasing global audience.

We could never have imagined how big the market could become. The industry is now expecting 1 billion smart phones by 2015!?

We’ve spent the last few years focussed on understanding the type of people that enjoy playing games on their smart phones and tablets. We have designed games that we believe have an immediate global appeal, recognition and understanding, thus reaching over 100 million players in September 2013, ahead of our yearly goals. It’s amazing to think that so many people are interacting with what we do and having fun with the likes of Little Raiders, Hungry Shark, Grabatron and Pool Bar.

In October 2013, FGOL have become part of  the Ubisoft family with the intent of developing even bigger and better games. With new IPs under production, we look forward to an exciting future together.

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