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Partnered with Nvidia, GameFace Labs has created CORE: a cross-platform, mobile supercomputer capable of playing VR, AR and 2D Android content on the go, or plugged into a television. With driver support for market leading VR and AR headsets, CORE will allow users to plug their existing hardware into a single device and supports both mobile use (when plugged into a headset), as well as set top box mode when plugged into a display.

From a content perspective, CORE will deliver native 2D, VR and AR Android content straight out of the box, as well as unique AAA titles and a full high performance Workstation.

CORE will be launching in December 2019 to consumers, with the Bermudan education department acting as a launch bed and pilot market.

GameFace Labs enjoys technical partnerships with Nvidia, Triad Semiconductor, Samsung, Bosch and Surfaceink.

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