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Who we work with?
Our clients range from large multinational organisations to forward thinking SME’s. Most projects have been internal and are covered by non-disclosure agreements. They range from a learning platform for schools to internal content gamification for both forums and learning, sales gamification, recruitment and productivity solutions.

How do we work with you?
Very simply you explain what you want to gamify, who your target audience is and the size/timing of the project, we will quote you what we believe working out a gamification strategy plan will entail. Then once you agree to the strategy fee, we ask for a portion upfront as well as an agreed start date for an initial workshop with all the stakeholders, which will kick off our collaborative process of designing your gamification strategy.

We are not a vendor of any specific gamification platform, we do have business partners that we recommend, because we have seen their work and believe their quality will be of value. However relevance and applicability to your specific business requirement will determine who and what we recommend, not the other way around.

Collaboration is centric to our business model
Our plan is to remain as creative as possible by collaborating with indie providers as well as more established providers. The key is that we approve of in terms of quality and style and that they will deliver to our clients’ deadlines. We believe this will give us the edge and flexibility in a changing business landscape.

Gamification Nation
The company was founded in July 2012 and officially started trading as Gamification Nation Ltd in June 2013. We have worked with a number of public service organisation across Europe and the Middle East to promote climate awareness, set up learning communities, increase employee engagement and internal achievement and enhance their internal learning experiences. For corporate clients we have delved deeply into topics such as enhancing sales through gamification, innovative recruitment, employee engagement, policy compliance and learning and development. For small to medium sized businesses we have assisted in website gamification to attract clients, internal process gamification to run and grow the business, membership community management with game elements to build a sense of community and buzz. Since the beginning of 2015 we are also in the top 10 of the gamification guru leaderboard and An Coppens has been shortlisted for the gamification guru of the year to be decided at the gamification world congress in November 2015.

In terms of project experience and application of gamification, An Coppens has in her previous ventures as a business coach, TV expert, trainer and instructional designer always implemented fun and game elements well before gamification became a known term. Our projects to date have been in the field of instructional design, learning, recruitment, sales, marketing and productivity.

An has a clear view when game elements are useful and when they aren’t. She has trained in the field of neuroscience which has served her well in assisting high business achievers in reaching new performance and productivity levels. We would say we have over 10 years experience in creative business solutions and in the end of the day with the additional knowledge of a gamification masters and game design education, we are confident that your results will be impacted in a positive sense. Measuring before and after is obviously essential to ensure success.

What we do
At Gamification Nation we specialise in offering Gamification Design Solutions, which means we assist our clients in formulating a thorough gamification strategy.

Our process is as follows:

  1. We start by looking at the business objectives you want to achieve, we help you crystallise and formulate them with measurable targets identified.
  2. We then zone in on your target audience, what do they naturally do already, how can you encourage them with positive and intrinsic motivation factors in mind, how would this then translate into your gamification design
  3. After we know what you are aiming to achieve and we understand some of the drivers of your target audience, we look at creating a meaningful experience. We identify the epic meaning and the look and feel of the experience, should it be mysterious, adventurous, or tying in with other brand values you may already work with.
  4. Next we delve into the game mechanic toolkit and start looking at which of these would work with your audience, your goal and the experience you want to create.
  5. Fun in a pilot, once we have a base design we want to test it on a small pilot group representative of your audience. Based on the feedback and results we may take adaptive action and iterate until we are all happy with the results before we go live to your designated group.

We believe thinking your gamification design through first is key, it is only after step 4 in our process that we would even contemplate about going shopping around for platform vendors. We want you to be sure that you have a solid strategy in mind first, so that when it comes to selecting vendors you have a strong vision and can be very clear on what you need and want, which we believe will save you money.

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