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Hutch is a collective of passionate designers, engineers and artists who all share the same obsession: we're hell bent on making action-packed, visually stunning games that can be played and enjoyed by everyone. We develop these games from instinctive, aspirational ideas and themes. 

Over time they're iterated, moulded and sculpted from the feedback of our players and live analytics. We use data to assist creativity, not replace it. For us constantly learning is a vital part of the way we work. And we find it hugely rewarding.

For us big challenges equal big opportunities. We don't just keep looking to see what's on the app store top grossing charts and wonder how we could make a better looking version of game "X" and mash it with game "Y".

We prefer to take on projects that are very challenging. For example we once asked ourselves, "What is the best way to actually do driving on a touch screen?" This started us off the road to our first game. And the team delivered. The result was Smash Cops.

Each of our game teams is no bigger than 10 people. And each is self organised around the vision of the game they're creating. We encourage them to be fully transparent. We also get them to be honest and open with themselves, with each other and with the player feedback, game data and financial performance. 

This means they can make the key decisions on the direction of their game. The teams are lean, fast and independent, and have the best opportunity to entertain millions of people.

We chose self publishing so we could be the sole owners of the game vision, the delivery of the projects and the relationship with our players. Within months of publishing our first title we achieved all of this but realised we needed to do much more. Building out our own expertise in mobile design, analytics and monetization, we now actively bring on people from other digital industries to help us develop in-house expertise in digital marketing and player acquisition.

Although it's thought to be impossible for a studio of our size to manage this we don't fear the unknown. Instead we actually embrace these new challenges to grow our business and make our games sustainable. Not just for one year but with games that will be popular for five years.

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