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Koch Media is a leading, independent producer and marketer of digital entertainment products and accessories in Europe and North America. Its business areas include distribution of media products, including movies, videogames and software products, and games publishing under the Deep Silver label.

Koch Media is ready for the future Koch Media is on its way to becoming Europe's first fully integrated, independent media company - an ideal position for the future, as different media will continue to converge in their consumption by end customers. With its strategic business areas of interactive entertainment, online entertainment and movies, Koch Media has the best possible lineup and can make ideal use of synergy effects.

Diversification leads to reliability At the same time, diversification through different business areas in the Koch Media group ensures long-term endurance and reliability. This is what has enabled Koch Media to continually increase its turnover for more than 15 years. Thus, the company has become Europe's leading publisher and distributor of digital media products.

Business areas Marketing and distribution of entertainment products through all distribution channels Since 1994, Koch Media has been handling the complete marketing and distribution of video games, consumer software and games accessories for its customers through exclusive and non-exclusive distribution agreements.

Development and publishing of video games Due to its extensive experience in marketing digital media, Koch Media is the ideal publishing and marketing partner for games developers.

Movie marketing and licensing Since the formation of the movie division in 2003, the company has established itself as an independent label in the fields of cinema and home entertainment. The diversified portfolio of more than 800 products includes high-quality first releases on video, TV series, classic movies, and special interest titles.

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