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LDN UTD – co-founded by Oliver Weingarten (ex Premier League and F1) aims to help grassroots gamers take more of a path to pro, whilst aligning with societal benefits and social purpose. Getting off the streets to game and be educated is at the heart of LDN UTD’s ethos, as well as ensuring all gamers and the LDN UTD community are educated on health, nutrition and other life skills. Building community by gamers uploading content to our platform for fans to vote their favourite, with gamers invited to our event to try-out for the team, is central tenet of LDN UTD engaging with the community.  

Transcending gaming, charity, music, fashion and education, LDN UTD plans to host events across different boroughs of LDN in 2020 to form teams of different titles by engaging the gaming demographic; as we did with the #GrimeAgainstKnives event in Lewisham last year, and the charity FIFA event in October which included a physical 5-a-side event before the esports event.

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