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Leapfrog is a developer that stands out from the crowd. Sure the team at Leapfrog have been making games and apps for over 10 years with many highly succesful releases on our track record and yes we have worked with clients like Sky, the BBC, DirectTV, 505 Games and Nickeloden but that's not all we are about. Our focus is on delivering the product that you want and need for your business. 

That means we start with understanding what you are trying to achieve and advising you on how best to get where you need to be. That might be talking honestly about the investment needed to develop and launch your free to play blockbuster game, including promoting it to the public, or helping you create a promotional app to support your marketing initiatives. We'll help you assess how that will add value to you, your business and your customers. 

We can do that because we have extensive experience outside of the development industry and appreciate the wider implications behind your decision to invest in an App or Game. Indeed we start by recognising that it is an investment and as such it needs to show the right risk/reward potential for your business. That might not always be a financial return but it should be recognisable and objective. We'll help you define that and in so doing increase the chances that the return is achieved. 

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At Leapfrog we don't believe that business in the digital world is all that different from what went before. Ok, so things move quicker than they used to, and there are a bunch of new tools to get to grips with, but once the terminology of these is de-mystified there are usually parallels that can be drawn with much older business concepts. For example we have a lot of experience of good old fashioned bricks & mortar retail and have successfully redeployed lessons learnt there to lift sales in the digital world. 

We address the process of creating your Game or App as the strategic objective that it needs to be. 

We offer a free consultation, with absolutely no commitment. 

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