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Ludus Magnus are a UK registered charity which helps young people develop their skill sets to advance in life. They help those who are disadvantaged (i.e. NEETs, the unemployed), people with communication & literacy needs and disabilities and those who live in deprived areas through ALVIE®, Accelerated Learning Via Interactive Entertainment/Education.

Ludus Magnus adopts an anti-violence approach by hosting Community Gaming events in London and across the UK, bringing people together from all walks of life, playing friendly and competitively, without feud or conflict, reducing postcode rivalry and promoting postcode camaraderie. They provide ALVIE® Martial Arts and currently researching and developing ALVIE® SLT (Speech & Language Therapy) methods – these areas of focus will be provided through unique interactive educational games utilising the latest technological hardware.

Ludus Magnus aims to provide an Alternative Provision to the National Curriculum until Interactive Entertainment is recognised nationally as a necessary tool for learning. The end goal is to build the Ludus Magnus ALVIE® Academy (LMAA) so that more young people can benefit from these services.

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