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At Merge Games we understand all about the blood, sweat and tears that indie developers put into creating their games. We get that an indie developer’s primary focus needs to be on their game. That’s why we’re here to help out with all the other stuff. Form a partnership with Merge Games and put our experienced team to work. Merge Games offers a range of services to suit your needs and help you bring your game to market.

Stuff Merge Games can help with

  • Global indie publishing – Merge Games has great relationships with all the major stores (lots of the smaller ones too). Whatever format your game’s is, be it home computer, console or mobile, Merge will ensure it’s featured in all the right places; including Steam, Humble Bundle, Microsoft, Sony, Apple and Google.
  • Working across all formats – Merge Games knows what it takes to publish your game on all different formats and can help with all those hidden extras; localization, age ratings and dev-kit provision.
  • Marketing, PR and social media campaigns – Our PR & Marketing team can help spread the word about you and your game using their extensive list of contacts. They’ll work with you to create outstanding promotional material to use in global marketing campaigns and across social media. They’ll also show your game off to thousands of potential customers at expos in key territories across Europe and North America.
  • Boxed games distribution – Merge Games is one of the few Indie Publishers that handles games in retail. As specialists in boxed games, Merge Games is second to none in creating Limited And Collector’s Editions to appeal to fans.
  • Accessing the best digital sales portals  – Merge Games will ensure that your title appears on all the major game store portals. What’s more, Merge will manage your game’s life cycle exploiting sales opportunities not only from day one but also long after release ensuring maximum earnings potential for your title.  
  • Monthly sales reports and payments – Merge Games knows that cash-flow is essential to your business and prides itself on monthly sales reporting and payments.
  • Project funding – Merge Games is always looking for great partners and, for the right title, can offer funding options to help get your game across the line.
  • Merge Games, a critical friend – The team at Merge Games has a wealth of video game knowledge and the contacts to back it up. Merge wants your studio to grow and develop into a self-sufficient business. Honesty and openness are two essential virtues that Merge measures itself against. The team at Merge Games tell it like it is. Sometimes it may not be what you want to hear but need to hear instead.

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