The Multiplayer Guys

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The Multiplayer Guys supplies specialist outsource solutions for multiplayer games. With a long history of expertise and passion for Multiplayer Games,The Multiplayer Guys deliver the complete package for all multiplayer development requirements.

We’ve been involved in definitive best practices on console, MMO’s, console-first multiplayer records, full physics-based multiplayer (gulp!), many high profile console racing games and relaunching a 10 year old game onto a new platform which then went on to sell 1m+ units. We know how to build Server/Client architecture, P2P, rolling out live ops and running successful services.

If you need us and you can find us then you can hire: The Multiplayer Guys.

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Key Personnel

Rik Alexander – CEO
Steve Bennett – COO
Rocco Loscalzo - CTO

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The Multiplayer Guys

The Multiplayer Guys
The Multiplayer Guys, Suite 6, Heathcote Buildings,
4-6 Heathcoat Street,
Nottingham, UK
NG1 3AA,