Northern Lights Arena Company, Europe

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NLA Europe’s Mission

NLAE’s mission is to develop and operate Europe’s best multi-purpose arena and tournament spaces. We are designing the future of live entertainment venues for traditional sports, entertainment and esport.  We are delivering the creative industry’s sustainable jobs for the future. By leveraging the booming global esports market we are regenerating cities.

NLAE is creating an urban regeneration catalyst that supports the local community by broadening the education base, creating long-term and well paid jobs and attracting international tourism spend. At NLAE we strive to:

create long term, well paid, sustainable jobs - by building a long-term sustainable business ecosystem

promote the local community and businesses – by bringing people to the city to share their passion for the best live experiences

promote education – by partnering with the local university to develop expertise and create content for NLAE’s national and European business

promote and grow the NLAE Network and Ecosystem – partnering with world-leaders in each field, NLAE is building an ecosystem that will drive innovation in live events, fan engagement, reach new audiences, and grow existing ones.

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Suite 523, Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street