Retro Games

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Retro Games Ltd – are the designers and creators of multiple retro themed consoles, and also other formats to follow in due course.

Our first console product is THEC64 range of consoles. See here for more details –

Further consoles will be launched and are already in progress for other retro based brands, the brand licenses are already in place and work has started on them, we have a five year business plan!

The three main people heading up Retro Games Ltd are –

Darren Melbourne – Co-creator of the C64DTV direct to TV C64 games console, he has held senior positions in many game development and publishing companies such as Square Enix, and many more. Darren has extensive knowledge in game licensing and production.

Paul Andrews – Co-Creator of several games based consoles, his prior games company was also behind many PC based retro games, and also behind the Nintendo Wii C64 games. Paul has extensive experience in digital content publishing and management across many formats. He even owns some old retro brands himself!

Chris Smith – Co-creator of several games based consoles, Chris’s code powers much of what we do! He also just so happens to have written the world’s best guide book on how to design and create your own microcomputer!

Obviously, we also have a multitude of people who work with us, from artists to coders, to animators, to project managers, to producers!

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